True Country is Alive! Felix Truvere, Always Somethin'. New Country Music Video.

Always Somethin' written/performed by Felix Truvere. It's been many years with a long journey for Felix, hope you enjoy this great video.

"I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, graduated from John Marshall High School and received my Bachelors Degree in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Texas, San Antonio. I was a French Horn player and the Drum Major of my High School Band. I furthered my fun in "marching" music and fine-tuned my instrumental brass-playing through "Drum Corps International" the (DCI) World Champion “Cadets of Bergen County” in Bergenfield, NJ as a mellophone player. I became a high school band director for San Antonio schools in the 90s, then switched to teaching adults as a “bank trainer” for mortgage & loan underwriters at USAA Federal Savings Bank from 2001-2008. Life was proving to show so many different flavors in choices for opportunity. I decided to try a bit of this and that.


Today... “The Open Road” represents a "journey" we all share. We all learn to stand, fall, and get back up again. We all live a journey towards enlightenment. We walk a life-road of choices and "create" our world through our decisions as we manifest our story to reality. My enlightenments truly found me as I "quit" society's game-plan of choices "made" for me, and I began making my own choices. I started performing on stages as a country band in surrounding San Antonio saloons and clubs.


The first full-length country song I ever wrote was called, “Thou Shalt Not Bitch.” I recorded and released it with my first EP in 2012. It received a San Antonio Music Award from SA CURRENT for Best Original Song. SA CURRENT also awarded my band with multiple awards for Best Country Band, Best Song & Music Video for  “What Best Friends Do,” and Best Songwriter for my genre. 


My COUNTRY songwriting is inspired by the country songs of my growing-up days from George Strait, Garth Brooks, Tracy Lawrence, Rick Trevino, Clay Walker, Tracy Bird, Gary Allan, and those wonderful country dance-styles from the Urban Cowboy Soundtrack. I once got to open for Dean Dillon (George Strait’s Songwriter—Thank you Brian Black) in Bandera, TX at the Longhorn Saloon. I discovered how alike I was to Dean Dillon, “the man”, in many ways. Meeting him was so influential that my "original" artistry began taking shape as I started CREATING my own country songs.


I tend to play on my lyrics with rhythm & rhyme, recurring musical phrases with recurring instrumental themes of similar stanzas, choruses, and versus that implant themselves in the mind and truly BRAND the song to stand out as its own. I make ‘em catchy and memorable ;) There's an art for the old "traditional" style of country song-writing rare to find on mainstream radio anymore. A Felix Truvere song must also be sincere, passionate, have humor, and the overall content MUST reveal an "enlightenment." I write about life’s experiences and how it is all MEANT to be. My songs say, “Let go; let God. Enjoy the ride and learn to BE.”


If I could afford it, I'd write, record, and produce other genres. PLENTY of musical influences from the last 5 decades inspire me to grab bits of each genre from the days when it was all NEW and artists & labels didn’t record music to TRY AND FIT IN; They USED to be CREATORS.


My past classical music education is also a big part of who I am. I wouldn’t have quite the knowledge for chord-progressions, intonation, musical phrases, timing, rhythms, and instrumentation without my music education and past experience as a High School Band Director. I give extra, special credit toward my time in the DCI World Champion Cadets of Bergen County in 1992-94 that fine-tuned my musicianship toward a very diligent work-ethic." - Felix Truvere

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