Sunfire. "Jordan". New Official Music Video.

Take a moment to imagine yourself on a long and tiring journey on horseback, filled with soreness, thirst and saddle pain. Finally, you reach your destination… a warm, welcoming bath of uplifting music, cheerful people and fresh water – or other liquid of choice – awaits. You instantly feel like you are bathing in soothing solar heat.


This, ladies, lads and everything in between, is the effect of Sunfire. It aims to lift your spirits and warm your heart to its very core. Their music can best be described as Alternative Western Folk;  a style influenced by the raw sounds of blues, American folkmusic, southern rock, and tales of life.


Don’t miss your chance to experience their wonderful performance, especially to meet their brand new formation of four musicians:



Satria on guitars & vocals, Berend on guitar, Michel on bass and Sophie on fiddle & cello.