Ricky Cook. "Thanks A Lot Loretta". New Official Music Video.

Ricky's debut music video,  "Thanks A Lot Loretta".  

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Weldon Henson. "I'm Gone". New Live Music Video.

Weldon Henson performing "I'm Gone" live at the Broken Spoke in Austin, TX during his Two Steppin' Tuesday weekly residency. "

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Joshua Hedley. "Mr. Jukebox". New Official Music Video.

Joshua Hedley performs "Mr. Jukebox". Super honky tonk song! Debut album coming 4/20/18 on Third Man Records.

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Family, friends, and fans gather at the Ryman to honor Mel Tillis

Family, friends, fans and music industry colleagues of the late Mel Tillis gathered at Nashville's historic Ryman Auditorium on Wednesday, January 31, to honor the legendary singer who passed away last November.

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Country legends Johnny Lee and Mickey Gilley announce “Urban Cowboy Reunion Tour”

Country legends Johnny Lee and Mickey Gilley will be joining forces to co-headline the “Urban Cowboy Reunion Tour” beginning January 26. The two friends are reuniting for a series of live concert dates throughout 2018. 

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Lonnie Spiker. "All Her Memories Are in Ft. Worth". New Official Music Video.

"All Her Memories Are in Ft. Worth" is the brand new video by Texan Lonnie Spiker. Pure honky tonk.

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Amber Digby. "She'd Already Won Your Heart". New Live Music Video.

Amber Digby performs "She'd Already Won Your Heart" live at TruCountry Show.

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Singer Mickey Gilley recovering from SUV rollover

Country singer Mickey Gilley is recovering from a fractured ankle and shoulder suffered when an SUV he was riding in wrecked in East Texas.

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Moe Bandy. "Honky Tonk Amnesia". New Live Music Video.

Moe Bandy sings "Honky Tonk Amnesia" on the Gene and Moe Show.

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Kelly Spinks. "Wine Me Up". New Live Music Video.

Kelly Spinks sings "Wine Me Up" live on The Penny Gilley Show.

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Waylon Pierce. "Let´s Chase Each Other Around The Room". New Live Music Video.

Waylon Pierce performs "Let's Chase Each Other Around The Room" live on TruCountry Music Show. 

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Jeff Woolsey. "Big Blue Diamonds". New Live Music Video.

Jeff Woolsey sings "Big Blue Diamonds" live on The Penny Gilley Show. 

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Heather Myles. "Lovin' The Bottle". New Live Music Video.

Heather Myles sings "Lovin' The Bottle" live at TruCountry Music Show.

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Jake Penrod. "Baby Steps". New Live Music Video.

Jake Penrod sings "Baby Steps" live on TruCountry Music 2017. Wonderful track from his new album "Out of Control". 

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Justin Trevino. "Accidentally On Purpose". New Live Music Video.

Justin Trevino performs "Accidentally On Purpose" live at TruCountry.

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Bobby Marquez. "Beer Pressure". New Live Music Video.

Bobby Marquez performs "Beer Pressure" live at Penny Gilley.

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New! Moe Bandy´s Autobiography: "Lucky Me"

Country Music legend George Jones once said, “Moe Bandy is what Country Music is all about. When he sings a song, it has been sung.”


That´s why when you buy a Moe Bandy or Gene Watson CD, you know exactly what you are going to hear…real country music. And when you open Moe’s autobiography, you know exactly what you are going to read about…a real country music artist… One of the all-time greatest.


Moe says: "Lucky Me is also the title of my latest album. But it really sums up my life. I was lucky in so many ways in my life and my career. And I am blessed in so many ways with the life I have today. So I think ‘Lucky Me’ is a very appropriate title for my life story".


Former First Lady Barbara Bush sayd about "Lucky Me": "You will love this wonderful story of a Texas boy who never gave up on his dreams. He and his music are true American icons, and we are grateful he came into our lives. When you finish reading his life story, you’ll feel like he has come into yours.”

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JP Harris: "Honest music can still succeed without a huge financial or record-industry backing"

NH: Both your music and your life itself resemble the lives of many classic country singers, because you haven’t had an easy life—you’ve worked as a farm laborer, as an equipment operator, as a lumberjack, as a maker of instruments, as a carpenter...  Do you think that living a tough life gives you a different outlook on life that helps you sing and write songs?


JP Harris: Yes, indeed. Country music has always been really focused on the everyday struggles of the working person...I think this was what initially attracted me to it in the first place. There have been many great country singers and songwriters that have never really lived the life they sing about, but it seems true that most of the greats have dealt with some level of strife and defeat that has left its imprint on their music. 


NH: We noticed that your website isn’t really called after you, but you call it I Love Honky Tonk. Does this reflect your attitude toward music?


JP Harris: I wanted something simple, and to the point, like my music. The phrase is repeated in a lot of our social media and merchandise, and is a reference to a common styling (“I Heart Town Name,” etc.) that has been around in the US for many decades.

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Tanya Tucker. "Texas (When I Die)". New Live Music Video.

Texas legend Tanya Tucker performs one of her greatest songs "Texas (When I Die)".


"Texas (When I Die)" is a song co-written and originally recorded by American country music artist Ed Bruce. Bruce's version peaked at number 52 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart in 1977.


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Shawn Fenner. "From Raisin' Hell (to Raisin' Kids)". New Official Music Video

"From Raisin' Hell (to Raisin' Kids)" by Shawn Fenner.

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Lost Corner. "Honky Tonk Nights". New Official Music Video.

This is the official music video for Lost Corner´s new song "Honky Tonk Nights".

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Interview. Harmonica Sam: "Our fans can expect from our live shows a big dose of Texas-style shuffles with a dash of ‘50s hillbilly attitude"

The Swedish group The Country Side of Harmonica Sam, The Most Colorful Hillbilliy Band In Europe, is inspired by the honky tonk sound of the late 50's and early 60's. The band delivers steady 4/4 shuffles with whining steel guitar and tic-tac bass. We´ve interviewed Harmonica Sam before their successful Spanish tour.

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