Sierra Ferrell. "In Dreams". New Live Music Video.

Sierra Ferrell performs this beautiful song "In Dreams"

"Well, when I was in New Orleans, Casper Allen brought me to a hazy late night old-time show. Accordions blared on a stage lit only by bonfire and shrouded by a giant treehouse, like something out a childhood fairy tale. People danced and whirled, drank and laughed.


None other than Sierra herself blessed my eyes, unchanged since i'd seen her last, enjoying the fire, company and music. Trying to track her down was always a failing effort, so finding her in the wild was always one of those things you're both surprised and not surprised by at the same time. It's just the way of things.


She told me she'd soon be in Nashville, and was surprised to hear so many wanted to hear more. She said of course we'd make another. Though she wasn't there when she said she'd be, she showed up sometime. Sometime being as good a time as any, we made this recording one rainy afternoon."


-Anthony Simpkins


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