Ryan Sims. "Black And Blue". New Official Music Video.

Ryan Sims  performs "Black And Blue" from EP entitled "My Side Of The Story". 



Ryan Sims - Black And Blue (Official Video)

Director: Steven Prevatt

Company: Willan House

Was shot in and around the hills of Cave Creek AZ.


From The Boot feature:

The “Black and Blue” video finds Sims wandering through the mountains with his acoustic guitar, performing the song. He’s also in the area to collect a few final mementos of a past love.


“Black and Blue” appears on Sims’ My Side of the Story EP, released in November. Sims wrote or co-wrote all of the project’s seven tracks, which discuss the ups and downs of his personal life: an ex’s affair, the end of a long-term relationship, time spent in rehab.

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