Ritchie Remo. "Hills Of Connemara". New Official Music Video.

Ritchie Remo is back with his new single "Hills Of Connemara".

Young Richard Curry grew up in the countryside of Claudy Derry-Londonderry, born into a family of five and a long ancestry of farmers.  Though his father Trevor and mother Freda chose to continue the family tradition of farming – they were still highly musical as well.  Ritchie and his sisters Nicola & Rhonda ended-up finding their own way to music as they grew up.  Ritchie went to school and would later study engineering, eventually starting his own company called RC Services fixing machines & vehicles of all kinds…but the music never left him…never stopped calling him from day one…


In fact it was at the early age of only ten years-old that Ritchie learned how to play the fiddle, then onto guitar and eventually finding his strongest talents and connection with his main instrument – the violin.  At fourteen years-old, young Ritchie began to join his father onstage during weekend gigs…and that’s where everything began to change irreversibly inside him.  A lifelong career as a musician was everything he hoped & wished to be.  


The father/son band soon became known as Remo and took to stages all throughout Ireland.  Wild times, great music and amazing adventures were shared over many years…and then many more years…and more years still…until Ritchie had earned himself a reputation as one of the hardest-working & liveliest entertainers on the music-scene.  After putting in incredible amounts of effort in learning & refining his craft from the live-stage…Ritchie decided that the time was truly now, or never; he began to pack-up his business at RC Services…and got ready to make the most important moves and decisions he’d go on to make in his entire career…


Singer/songwriter and international sensation Ritchie Remo has been putting his heart & soul into entertainment & music as a performer onstage for over 22 years.  What began at age ten in discovering his connection to music quickly turned into a lifelong love of the craft and Ritchie would go on to create, write, record and play at every opportunity that came his way as he grew up, refined and evolved as an artist.


After a random chance encounter with his next door neighbor passing Ritchie a discarded fiddle in 2013 – he decided to officially go solo and start-up a Country-music band.  The tiniest gesture of good-will inadvertently sent him into the most rewarding part of his journey so far.  Interest quickly spread throughout the scene and Ritchie landed a deal with JMG Music & Sharpe Music who managed him for a year.  With his ideas and vision for his sound leading him to include a full-band in efforts to bring his extraordinarily catchy rhythms to life – support for the new direction, style & sound of Ritchie Remo grew rapidly.  He’d go on to score his first taste of success worldwide with the release of the Marty Mone single “Hit The Diff” in 2015, creating a massive impact with listeners & racking up millions of hits.  Propelling Ritchie to the status of being one of the leading Irish-Country artists worldwide – he signed with Lift And Shift Productions and continues to grow his music & live-show into the purest forms of high-energy entertainment.


Now happily married with three beautiful children, Linda, Zack and Jake and is has just finished up his 8th studio album and 2nd live DVD performance.  Looking to ‘keep her country’ right to the end of the year – he’s got plans to release his first Christmas album in December 2016.  With his Irish/Country-music charm, tireless enthusiasm and highly accessible sound, Ritchie remains one of the most active artists out in the independent music-scene today.  Based in Claudy, Northern Ireland, he’s currently writing and recording a whole set of new tunes as he gets set to #KeepErLit and keep the momentum running strong and ‘Flat To The Mat’ into the next year and beyond.  With a true blend of passion in his vocals and pure melody & rhythm in his music – the authenticity and genuine desire that Ritchie Remo plays with resonates and truly connects with the people; he’s the real-deal – and you can hear it.

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