JANUARY records 2018

Drew Moreland. "Bench Seat Revival". New Single.

Born on January 12th, 1984 in San Antonio, TX, Drew Moreland was raised in a city with many converging cultures. Despite growing up in what is now the 7th largest city in the United States, Drew's life was grounded by his parents who both came from a small farming community. From an early age, he enjoyed listening to music and playing it came naturally. Drew currently resides in Marion, TX


Drew Moreland and the Neon Hustle got its start in the spring of 2016 as a songwriting project between Drew and his brother-in-law Garland (Lee) Wenner. At the time, there were no intentions to actually start a band. It wasn’t until Drew was invited to play country music at a summer event that a band materialized to play some of the songs they had written.


In February of 2017, Matthew Parker, a long time friend and fellow musician in the Texas Country music scene, recommended recording some of the songs Drew wrote with Garland as an EP. Over the next two months he helped produce their first album. Bench Seat Revival was officially released in April of 2017. 


Drew Moreland plays with his band, The Neon Hustle, and also as a solo acoustic act. Playing several nights every week, Drew made over 250 live performances in 2017. His live show has been received well by all (with the exception of a few disgruntled Cajuns who didn't like the song about Louisiana LOL).

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Old Crow Medicine Show. "Flicker & Shine". New Single

Old Crow's new song, "Flicker & Shine" is now available. Look for it on the new album, "Volunteer", available 4.20.18.

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Kristy Kox. "Ricochet". New Album.

"Ricochet" is the new album avalaible from international artist Kristy Cox.

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Jenni Dale Lord. "Already Gone". New Single.

"Already Gone" is the latest single from Jenni Dale Lord Band's recent album "Free Whiskey".

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