Pharry-K. "Totagote/Never Grow Old". New Official Music Video.

Kenyan country singer Pharry-K performs "Totagote/Never Grow Old." A song originally performed by Jim Reeves with the title "Where We'll Never Grow Old."

Pharry-K describes himself:


"My name is Kepha Oyugi Bwonda with a pseudonym known as 'PHARRY-K'. I was born in Kenya, Kisii County In a village called 'Taracha/Ekeonga'. 


My mum and Dad were music lovers who inspired and made me grow in a such environment where I learned and appreciated music especially Christian. 


I grew up listening to a sweet voice of Jim Reeves whose music my Dad used to play frequently. I loved this guy and I got interested in knowing who he was. My 'late' mum told me that he died while flying his own plane in the US, but I didn't know that someday I would be influenced and start singing like him. 

My music cuts across almost all genres i.e Country, Reggae, Techno & House. But after realizing my X-Factor in Country music I decided to concentrate on it fully. And then later i came to learn that with the change in time, gone are the days of a white-dominating society over this genre of music and now I am a song-writer as well as a fine country singer from Kisii County, Kenya. 


Country music is one of the most popular music genres of all the time. With its massive popularity inside and outside America, this genre music has attracted a lot of fame and love. I have finely established myself in the field and am doing really well and my dad feels proud that I serve God through music. 


My self-published album, ‘Christian Country Music’ & ' Totagote' in my African native dialect, meaning (Never grow Old), Si Njia Rahisi/ It's Not An Easy Road Album, and also "Glorious" which is a Christian Reggae album are some of the most loved music albums in my the field. 


I am currently living in Kisii, Kenya and I am a big name in both local as well as international country music. 


I have been nominated twice Internationally for Awards by IGARA (Independent Gospel Artiste Radio Alliance) for Radio Alliance Awards as an Alternative Christian Song of the Year in Jacksonville Florida. 


While in Kenya I have been awarded a "Special Recognition Award" in GASU AWARDS - (Gusii All Stars United) by H.E. Governor James Ongwae. For being exceptional in doing the almost gone extinct genre 'Christian Country Music. 


Being a renowned music singer from Kisii-Kenya. People always tell me that I have a dynamic personality as well as a killer sounding rich voice which makes me the reminiscent of country music’s icon in my County and my Country at large and that has attracted a number of country music lovers worldwide. 

My voice is many times compared to the legend who is my mentor the late 'JIM REEVES'! 


Currently am a member of IGARA in the US and you can find my music on different digital outlets like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, YouTube etc. 


Thank you for being my fan."


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