New single by Colebrook Road: "All I Need To Know"

It's here! The first single "All You Need To Know" from Colebrook Road's second album release set for later this year on Mountain Fever Records. Original bluegrass composed with the love the band shares for the music and each other, shines through this newly recorded song. The band has been growing their career together for this, their fourth album and the commitment shows.

"I wrote this song last summer while I was sitting on a cooler at a bluegrass festival. It was the day before the funeral service for our friend and former banjo player, so the song is in his memory. Recently, it's taken on a whole new significance with the pandemic we're going through. Everyone is isolated, all events are cancelled, and there is a lot of fear out there, so we're in need of human connection more than ever. And that's the gist of the song, that love between people is all you need to know." - Jesse Eisenbise


"All You Need To Know (For MJW)" features the talents of the full band and a special guest:


Mark Rast - banjo

Joe Mcanulty - fiddle, baritone vocals  

Wade Yankey - mandolin 

Jesse Eisenbise - guitar, lead vocals

Jeff Campbell - upright bass, tenor vocals

Amanda Cook (special guest) - soprano vocals


Listen & Download here

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