New Official video from The Stateline Band: "Timeclock"

The Stateline releases a new video with a good song: "Timeclock". Are you ready to dance?


Time clock was written by Kurt, their lead guitar player, about a guy that he knew back in his hometown.  He was always at the bar when you showed up, and he was there when you left.


Kurt, told him that he needed to punch in on a time clock, because of his dedication to the club and the hours he was putting toward the cause.  


This gave Kurt the idea and TIME CLOCK was born!  


In 2016, after more than 10 years of experience in West Texas, The Stateline Band decided to press forward and start creating their own "Stateline" sound.  After building their tool kit and seeking guidance from Scott Farris at Amusement Park Studios.



Stateline's unique sound comes from combining Classic Country Vocals, Texas Country Lead Guitar, and topping it off with the sweet sound of the Tex-Mex Accordion.

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