Neil McCoy. “I Won’t Take A Knee” (Take a Knee My Ass)". New Official Music Video.

Neal McCoy has been a Country Music Recording Artist since the 90’s. His #1 hit songs include: 'No Doubt About It', 'Wink', 'Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On', Plus numerous Top 10 records on both Gold and Platinum Albums.


McCoy’s Latest hit 'I Won’t Take A Knee” (Take a Knee My Ass)', released 11/13/2017 went viral in the first week, with 4 Million views on YouTube as well as National and International Media exposure. 

In this new song, Neal McCoy has his own opinion on people taking a knee in protest of the American Flag and Anthem.


For those who think this is just a money grab, McCoy’s grandfather and father are veterans of  WWI and the Korean war and Neal was raised with a deep love and respect for the men and women who “gave it all” for our freedom.          

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