Mike and the Moonpies ft. John Baumann. "Country Music's Dead". New Official Music Video.

Music video by Mike and the Moonpies performing "Country Music's Dead".

For the location, the guys picked John T. Floore’s Country Store. Located in Helotes, a small hamlet north of San Antonio, Floore’s has hosted legendary country music for 75 years.


“Floore’s has it all,” says Mike Harmier. “The history is literally on the walls and hanging from the rafters. It’s where all our heroes paid their dues and where we’re still paying ours. Plus, they have the best tamales on the planet.”


The video captures Baumann and Mike and the Moonpies performing and hanging around the storied venue. You’ll see glimpses of Floore’s history, like the famous boots that dangle from the ceiling, and the green room where Willie Nelson used to crash on a cot.


“This song is about still enjoying what you do even when no one else is interested. So playing a show to one drunk guy at Floore’s seemed to be a fitting scenario.”


The pair wrote this song shortly after Mike and the Moonpies recorded their recent live record, Steak Night At The Prairie Rose. They plan to debut this song live at the MusicFest 2018 in Steamboat Springs, Colo. on Jan. 7.

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