Kirsty Lee Akers. "Drive Till The Wheels Fall Off". New Official Music Video.

The seventh single from the No.1 Australian ARIA Country album and 2017 Golden Guitar Finalist Kirsty Lee Akers.

Produced by: Klik Productions

Directed by: Jesse Anderson

Kirsty Lee Akers’ journey as both a recording artist and a person is unique within Australia and around the world. Proud of her indigenous heritage as a woman of the Wonnarua people (Hunter Valley – Australia), she has embraced a global musical culture and now spends her time between Australia and the USA. Whilst she lives in Nashville for a large portion of the year, Australia will always be her spiritual home.


“Music and family have always been the most important parts of my life. My Nan, Mum and Aunt were singers, and I grew up with my pop playing Country Music all the time. I still remember my first performance at age three. I was hooked! ” – Kirsty Lee Akers


As a child, Kirsty’s life was far from easy. Her family could be described as the stereotypical “Aussie Battlers”. She was not born into money and was one of four children growing up in a small house while her father worked two jobs so the family could get by. Her entire family were not strangers to hard work. Born when her mother was only 17 years old, Kirsty quickly learned the importance of teamwork, love and family connection to get where she needed to go. These are traits that to this day are extremely important to her and help her connect with her fans on an honest and personal level.

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