Justin Trevino. "We Don't". New Live Music Video.

Justin Trevino sings "We Don't" on Larry's Country Diner.

Justin Trevino has become one of Country Music’s most staunchest traditionalists. Since his first album more than 15 years ago, Trevino has released some of the most sought after Texas honky tonk music while gathering an ever increasing amount of fans throughout the country. 


“Take One As Needed For Pain” (2007) was another guarantee that Trevino’s song selection and styling only gets better with time. Trevino called on Texas writer Chuck Cusimano to contribute two songs to the album with “When She Does Me Right She Does You Wrong” and honky tonk anthem “Neon Sun.” Trevino and Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seely composed the title track while Seely also contributed “We Don’t.” 


“Justin always wanted to work with Nashville session players John Hughey and Pete Wade” Heart of Texas Records president Tracy Pitcox said. “They did an outstanding job on “Take One As Needed For Pain” right along with the other great musicians.” 


Country Music Hall of Famer Bill Anderson recorded the old Porter Wagoner standard “I’ll Go Down Swinging” with Trevino while Heather Myles added her brilliant voice to “This Time We’re Going To Make It.” Trevino also added the George Jones standard “I Just Lost My Favorite Girl” and Red Stegall’s “My First Night Without You.”