John Anderson "Swingin'" into 2019 with New 40th Anniversary Collection

Country Legend Celebrates Career Milestone with New Music, Touring and Inclusion in New 'American Currents' Exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. 

In celebration of four decades of hits, country music traditionalist John Anderson has released 40 Years and Still Swingin'. The new two-disc album revisits the songs that speak straight to his creative artistry and commitment to the genre.  


The 40-song album includes several previously unreleased tracks as well as fresh new takes of his biggest hits, including "Seminole Wind," "Black Sheep," "Money in the Bank," "Straight Tequila Night," "Swingin,'" and "Wild and Blue."


"This year has started out on fire for us and no sign of slowing down... I feel great and am enjoying this part of my 40-year career more than any other time I remember," says Anderson. "This two-disc set was long overdue and has the hits you'd expect, but also includes a few previously unreleased songs that didn't make it onto past albums for one reason or another, but I felt they deserved a chance to be heard. It's always nice to walk down memory lane, but we aren't resting either!"


The new collection of songs is available for purchase now at Album streaming (Spotify) and downloads (iTunes, Google Play) will be available this Friday,March 8, HERE.


Also on March 8, the American Currents: The Music of 2018 exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum in Nashville will open to the public. The exhibit will include artifacts from Anderson's storied career.


Last month, Anderson embarked on "Friends & Heroes" tour. On the national road show, Anderson joins the Bellamy Brothers, Trace Adkins, etc.  for an 18-city tour across the country. 


40 Years and Still Swingin' Track Listing:


Disc 1

1. I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal

2. I've Got It Made

3. Freedom Isn't Free

4. Straight Tequila Night

5. Would You Catch a Fallen Star

6. Magic Mama

7. When I Get Down

8. Money in the Bank

9. I Loved You a Thousand Ways

10. Chicken Truck

11. I Will Cross Over the River

12. Small Farm in Kentucky

13. Bend It Till It Breaks

14. Somebody Slap Me

15. Long Black Veil

16. Goldmine

17. Peace in the Valley

18. She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs

19. I Just Came Home to Count the Memories

20. Seminole Wind


Disc 2

1. Black Sheep

2. Your Lyin' Blue Eyes

3. Song the Mountain Sings

4. When It Comes to You

5. Back Home

6. Let Somebody Else Drive

7. Wish I Could've Been There

8. Walkin' in the Shadows

9. Wild and Blue

10. Mississippi Moon

11. Tokyo, Oklahoma

12. 1959

13. Louisiana Son of a Beast

14. Someday I'm Gonna Go Fishin'

15. Down in Tennessee

16. On and On

17. Goin' Downhill

18. The Rain

19. Occasional Eagle

20. Swingin'


Multi-platinum selling John Anderson has one of the most instantly recognizable voices in country music. Over the course of his 40-year career, Anderson has charted more than 60 singles on the country music charts, including 20 Top 10 hits, and six #1 hits: "Swingin,'" "Seminole Wind," "Black Sheep," "Wild and Blue," "Straight Tequila Night," and "Money in the Bank."


Anderson has been the recipient of the CMA (Country Music Association) "Horizon Award" (1983), the CMA "Single of the Year Award" ("Swingin'" - 1983), the CMA "Album of the Year Award" (Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles - 1994), and the ACM (Academy of Country Music) "Career Achievement Award" (1993). In 2014, he was inducted into the prestigious Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

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