Jesse Daniel. Don't Push Your Luck. New Live Music Video.

Jesse Daniel performs "Don't Push Your Luck," on GemsOnVHS.

In the far-flung world of country music, California has always been on the map. The Bakersfield sound they called it, where folks like Buck Owens influenced so much of how we play and perceive this type of music today. Today folks like Jesse Daniel are still innovating out West, and when he invited me to come check out his Ben Lomond, California hometown I took him up on the offer.


Jesse might as well have been the mayor of the town. Everywhere we went he knew folks, shook hands and kissed babies. His wonderful girlfriend, Jodi, runs a popular tattoo shop. He showed me around all the local attractions and Santa Cruz nearby. I indulged in all the typical California things - skateboarders, potent marijuana, seals on the boardwalk and delicious Chinese food.


It all culminated in a wonderful show at a local venue. Turnout was enthusiastic, everyone dancing and having a good time. Gus Clark played that night, another fantastic West coast artist. All in all, i'd recommend a trip, and giving your ears to Jesse, honky-tonk hottie.

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