Jenni Dale Lord. "Already Gone". New Single.

"Already Gone" is the latest single from Jenni Dale Lord Band's recent album "Free Whiskey".

It's relatable to everyone whose had to learn that sometimes love just isn't enough. "Already Gone" is a tale of star-crossed lovers.  In this heart-wrenching duet, the lovers, both unhappy, decide to leave each other.  Ultimately, the man returns to his roots in West Virginia, feeling all too alone in the emptiness of the Texas plains while the woman continues to continue to chase her dreams of becoming a music star.


The rustic sound of the resonator guitar mixed with the tender keys of the piano reflect the tumultuous relationship, sometimes playing together and sometimes playing apart.  Pair those with the rugged quality of Joe Ely's voice and the smooth timbre of Jenni Dale's and you have the perfect mix. 

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