Marty Stuart on Being Inducted into Opry (Interview Clip)

A member of the Opry since 1992, Marty talks about this milestone in his career.

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Dolly Parton on Larry King Now

If you missed it. It's Dolly! The legendary entertainer welcomes Larry King to her Nashville studio to discuss her new album and her life.

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JP Harris: "Honest music can still succeed without a huge financial or record-industry backing"

NH: Both your music and your life itself resemble the lives of many classic country singers, because you haven’t had an easy life—you’ve worked as a farm laborer, as an equipment operator, as a lumberjack, as a maker of instruments, as a carpenter...  Do you think that living a tough life gives you a different outlook on life that helps you sing and write songs?


JP Harris: Yes, indeed. Country music has always been really focused on the everyday struggles of the working person...I think this was what initially attracted me to it in the first place. There have been many great country singers and songwriters that have never really lived the life they sing about, but it seems true that most of the greats have dealt with some level of strife and defeat that has left its imprint on their music. 


NH: We noticed that your website isn’t really called after you, but you call it I Love Honky Tonk. Does this reflect your attitude toward music?


JP Harris: I wanted something simple, and to the point, like my music. The phrase is repeated in a lot of our social media and merchandise, and is a reference to a common styling (“I Heart Town Name,” etc.) that has been around in the US for many decades.

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