Folsom Prison Band. "Living Navidad". New Official Music Video.

The Spanish country music band Folsom Prison Band sings "Living Navidad".

Originally created in 2010 by country-rock singer Daniel López , Kike Hernández (drums/percussion), Folsom Prison Band is a five-piece country music band with a rocking soul that beats from within. While strongly influenced by modern American country chartbusters by the likes of Travis Tritt, Brad Paisley and many others, it also has a catchy, distinctive Southern rock flavor that sometimes forays into a rather unexpected, epic undertone reminiscent of Celtic folk songs.


Many different artists such as bluegrass guitarist Javi Peyote and the singer/multi-instrumentalist "Chisum" (Chisum Cattle Co.), have collaborated with the band, which currently includes classically-trained violinist Hugo Solana, southern rock guitarist Juan Murat, and Jose Carlos Crisobal bass.