Destiny Band Oz. "Streets of Old Kilsyth". New Official Music Video.

"Streets of Old Kilsyth" is a cheeky, traditional, heritage country song composed by Thomas Libreri (in collaboration with Tessa Libreri) which is a true story from Tessa's childhood. Shot on location in Yinnar, Victoria, Australia.

Co-starring budding young actresses, Molly and Pippa Mills!

Videography and sound engineering by Chris Gale of Rezonate Music Leongatha. 


Destiny Band Oz members:  Thomas Libreri, Tessa Libreri, Lee-Anne Falkingham, Michael (Hixy) Hicks, Bob Hutton, Ron Armstrong.


Special credit and huge thanks to milko, Conway Tighe of Lincoln Park Dairy, Essendon, Victoria and the National Museum of Australia for the archival footage. Our tribute to all the milkos of Australia!

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