DeFord Bailey. The contribution of African Americans to Country Music.

-By Cowboy Anton


"An accomplished harmonica player, as well as a banjoist, guitarist, and vocalist, he became one of the first stars of the Opry, and in the 1920s and '30s he made a handful of fantastic recordings (by himself and with guitarist Sam McGee) that showed both blues and country influences." 

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Why did Johnny Cash name his signature song I Walk The Line?

-By Cowboy Anton


Johnny Cash was one of the most inspiring country music singers of all time. But why did he decide to change the name of one of his best songs and call it I Walk The Line?

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Mel Street and the tragic aftermath of success

Borrowed Angel
Mel Street

-by Cowboy Anton, Jackson, TN.


The other day, while looking through our record collection, we stumbled upon a compilation of Mel Street's hits from the 1970s. His was a story of short-lived success and of a fatal gunshot that tragically ended the career of a magnificent country vocalist.

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