"Cotton Eyed Joe" YouTube video goes viral!

Hillary Klug´s version of Cotton Eyed Joe is mesmerizing.  She sings, dances, and plays fiddle at the same time!  You'll never believe who joins in halfway through!! 

“She’s done what all serious musicians do, as far as she has learned from many traditional sources and everything, but she’s not stopped at that. She’s coming up with her own thing based on the traditions,”

-Jim Wood


"I grew up in a small town with an older sister and an older brother. We were home schooled, and I danced all day everyday in front of the mirror. I joined a clogging team when I was eight, and then picked up the fiddle at age thirteen. I competed in both dance and fiddle at many festivals over the years with the National Championship being my biggest win.


I've taught music over the years and now am travelling and performing all over the world. I performed in an independent film titled "Country Music" set to be released in spring 2019." - Hillary Klug