Clint Bradley. "Soul of the West". New Official Music Video.

Clint Bradley, one of the most devoted Marty Robbins´ followers, performs "Soul of the West". A beautiful western song written by Clint Bradley and produced by Darren Allison & Clint Bradley. It´s the title track from his latest album "Soul of the West" released by Bluelight records on January.

"Every singer/songwriter or musician has a seminal moment at some time in their lives. You hear or see something that makes you want to pick up an instrument and play. For me it was hearing ‘Marty Robbins’ sing his gun fighter ballads. I have a vivid memory of hearing that sound for the first time, it totally captivated and drew me in. I think I was probably around 9-10 years old. If memory serves me correctly, the first song I learnt the chords to was ‘Running Gun’. I later discovered the Sons of the Pioneers, Gene Autry and others and with each step I took further into the world of Western music the more enchanted I became.


I was fortunate to be born in “The New Forest” and as a child had the woods, heath lands and secret beaches of the Solent to wander around and dream in. Growing up in a rural area somehow seemed to fuel my interest in Western music, and the folklore of the Cowboy. If I wasn’t listening to western music, I was watching a western movie, or reading a western novel. I was quite simply lost to the genre.



When my first ever dedicated Western album “Riding After Midnight” was released in June 2014, I felt that I’d finally reached my destination. Here at long last I had done what I’ve wanted to do for so many years and record an album of songs in a style that I am truly passionate about. The reaction to that album has been truly wonderful experience for me. Proof once and for all that if people are allowed to hear Western music in its pure form, they can warm to it, regardless of where they live or what preconceptions they had of the genre.


In January 2019 I released my second Western album “Soul of the West” I wanted to bring more of myself to this album and for that reason I’ve chosen a selection of my own songs.  Written over the last couple of years, I believe this collection of songs reflect all the corners of my influence, from my lifelong love and passion for western music to the environment in which I live and some of the darker aspects of the world I see around me. There is no point in editing your own soul, sometimes you write a song on the spur of the moment directly after a personal experience or that of someone close to you, another time you write with a smile and the simple joy of the place you are in at that moment. That’s what I’ve tied to present with this album, I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed writing and recording it." -Clint Bradley

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