Bill Anderson. "Wherever She Is". New Live Music Video.

Bill Anderson perfoms 'Wherever She Is' on Huckabee.

Wherever She Is

Recorded by Bill Anderson

Written by Bill Anderson, Jim Martin, Bobby Tomberlin


She always spoke of going back to Texas

But then again she sure did like Key West

Heaven only knows where my ex is

But at least she’s given my poor ole’ heart some rest


Wherever she is I hope she stays there

Whoever she's with he’s welcome to my nightmare

It's sure nice it’s paradise without her in my hair

Wherever she is I hope she stays there


She told me you ain’t nothing like my daddy

She told me how to dress and how to drive

She told me you don’t kiss like my old boyfriend

But my favorite thing she ever told me was goodbye

But just in case she ever gets the urge to find me


(Repeat Chorus)


I’ve got a new phone number a new email and an unlisted driveway

Timbuktu Kalamazoo Saskatoon I don’t care

Wherever she is I just hope she stays there

Girl if you’re listening somewhere stay there