Adrian Brannan. "Two More Bottles of Wine". New Live Music Video.

Adrian Brannan sings Emmylou Harris' "Two More Bottles of Wine" during her blind audition on The Voice.

The Voice returned for its 14th season on NBC. Previous Voice coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys were joined by new coach Kelly Clarkson. 


The blind auditions are the program's famed first round where coaches listen to artists without facing them and then turn around if they like what they hear. Artists who turn more than one chair have to pick which team they wish to join. This season added a twist to the blind auditions: Coaches can use a "block" to prevent another coach from getting an artist. They only get one block for the round.


Adrian sings cowboy music at rodeos. She came out on stage to perform “Two More Bottles Of Wine” by Emmylou Harris. She spoke about living out of the back of truck as she travels to each rodeo. Adrian went from opera to country. However, Adrian did not get any coaches to turn.


Kelly Clarkson said she loves country music. Kelly said she loved Adrian’s spirit. Blake Shelton said Adrian’s personality is really great. Blake said her dictation was an issue and she got a little lost in the performance. Alicia Keys noted that Adrian has a beautiful tone and a beautiful voice.


Is The Voice ready for the real country?

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