About Us

"She's been through the fire before

And I believe she can take a whole lot more

So we raise her up every morning, we take her down every night

We don't let her touch the ground and we fold her up right

On second thought, I do like to brag

'Cause I'm mighty proud of the Ragged Old Flag"


Johnny Cash

New Hillbilly is an independent guide for New Hillbilly Music in their different styles around the world: New Traditionalism, Bluegrass, Old Time, Honky Tonk, Classic Country, Western, Western Swing, Tex Mex, Texan, Outlaw, Truck Driving, Bakersfield Sound, Hillbilly Musics, Retrobilly, Vintage Roots, Contemporary, Southern Gospel, Cajun, Irish Country, Bush ...


Our History

The year of 1922 marks the birth of Hillbilly music, when A.C. "Eck" Robertson became the first fiddler and Hillbilly musician that recorded eight tracks for the Victor Talking Machine Company in New York City.


But Hillbilly Music had been actually born centuries before. It was brought to America on the ships of the emigrants and the slaves, it was brought through the plains of the south border and the lakes of the distant north to join the streams of time. All those cultures, roots, colors, languages, rhythms, instruments, voices, and musical styles became one that was different and original. From the log cabins in the Appalachian mountains, to the Texas ranches and the California gold mines, this was a new music for a new nation.


But soon, like the big bang, this music spread throughout the world to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and Europe in the 30´s, and influenced a vast array of styles all over the globe.


Later they called it Country Music and enjoyed some of the most glorious times in the history of music. Its secret and its flame were telling life’s truths with only three chords. The singers, musicians, and songwriters were living their own lives but showing respect for the roots of their fathers, their musical heritage, work, tragedies, love, dreams and life experiences. Because this music is about roots, about a long line of people who enriched life with their hearts and souls.


The passing of significant Classic Country stars, like George Jones or Merle Haggard, or the retirement of others like George Strait or Don Williams, and the evolution of the music industry towards Pop and Hip Hop Musics without any interest for anything that is rootsy (even if the records still carry the “Country” label) all point to the end of an era.


But Hillbilly Music is still alive and kickin´.

Our Mission

This website was born to give publicity, exposure, and an “online” stage to artists that play New Hillbilly Music all over the world.


We respect the works of all the artists and all different styles, but we reserve the right to publish only what we consider beneficial to New Hillbilly Music in general and to this website in particular.


The publication date of each item doesn’t necessarily coincide with the release date.


We don´t accept bootlegs or demos.


We only write about legal music.