Weldon Henson. "Love's Little Lies". New Live Music Video.

Weldon Henson performs "Love's Little Lies" on Songwriter's Across Texas. Filmed at The White Horse in Austin, TX.

Simple & True. Weldon Henson is to country music what an ice cold beer is on a “long, hard, hot, day” – refreshing. The first few notes out of his mouth and you know your witnessing the real deal. Henson’s shows are a throw-back to the vintage honky-tonk and Texas culture that brought your grandparents together combined with the rock ‘n roll attitude and approach of the more modern men of Texas country. You’re in good hands with Henson. Prepare to dance and enjoy what most people think is arguably the best authentic and brand new honky-tonk music Texas has to offer. Then sit down for a few, take a deep breath, and enjoy Texas Made Honky Tonk.

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