A Tribute to Lari White & III

"Another Broken Heart", a duo with Esera Tuaolo, originally appeared on NFL Country, a compilation album released by the National Football League that featured country musicians performing songs with NFL stars. The album made it to 66 on the Top Country Albums and was released on November 26th, 1996


In 1997, White also sang duet vocals on Travis Tritt's single "Helping Me Get Over You", a release from his album The Restless Kind, which peaked at #18 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. 1997 also saw White's final release for RCA, a greatest hits package called The Best of Lari White which reprised all of her singles to that point including the Tritt duet, as well as two newly recorded tracks, and the non-single "Itty Bitty Single Solitary Piece 'o My Heart", from her debut album.

White's third recording contract came in 1998 when she signed to Lyric Street Records. Her first release for the label was the single "Stepping Stone", which was also the title track to her fourth studio album. This song became not only a Top 20 country hit, but also her only entry on the Billboard Hot 100, where it peaked at No. 73. Following it were "Take Me" at No. 32 and "John Wayne Walking Away" at No. 64.


Also included on this album were two songs that would later become singles for other artists: "Only God (Could Stop Me Loving You)", which she recorded as a duet with Toby Keith, had previously been a cut on Billy Ray Cyrus's 1994 album Storm in the Heartland and would later become a minor hit in 2003 for the Canadian band Emerson Drive, while "Flies on the Butter" was also a minor hit in 2004 for Wynonna Judd, who recorded it as a duet with mother Naomi on her 2003 album What the World Needs Now Is Love.

The country-music star was also a trailblazer in several entertainment areas, including producing.

She became the first female record producer for a male superstar when she produced for Toby Keith. Keith's album went Platinum.


White was also an actress. In 2000, she appeared in the Tom Hanks movie Castaway at the beginning and end of the movie.


White produced Billy Dean's Let Them Be Little project that was released in 2005 and went on to star in the 2007 cabaret production My First Affair.


She also co-produced the entirety of Toby Keith's million-selling 2006 album White Trash With Money.


This was Lari White´s video for "Champagne" in 2016, words and music by Lari White (SWG Songs/BMI), shot and directed by Christin Sites, Hair and Makeup by Holly Johnson. Victor Wooten (bass), Pete Abbott (drums), Lari White (vocals and piano), Mills Logan (mix engineer).

'There is so much I could say about Lari, but multitudes of you have said it already. God gave us a very special gift when he sent this incredible baby to a young, inexperienced…and frightened!…couple …But in spite of this, we loved her with all our hearts. From the beginning, we knew that she was "something else"...wise and funny, intelligent and super-talented…so loving, kind and compassionate…with a heart as big as all of Heaven,' White's mother wrote. 


'I love music,' White once said. 'It's not to be famous. It's not to make a lot of money. There's so much joy I have in making music.'  


In 2017, White released a pair of EPs, New Loves and Old Friends.


She is survived by her husband, Chuck Cannon, and their three children.