Lyn Bowtell. "He Burns". New Official Music Video.

‘He Burns’ is the first single from Lyn’s new EP release ‘Calling You’. Produced by Shane Nicholson. 

This EP marks a departure in musical style from Lyn's roots in Alternative/Pop Country. The Video was filmed and Directed by Duncan Toombs from and features Actor/Dancer/Model Daniel D'Amico dancing his way through the streets, alleyways, parks and beaches of Newcastle, NSW Australia while Lyn delivers a dramatic and powerful reinterpretation of Foy Vance’s ‘She Burns’ as if it’s her own.


Says Lyn: ‘I can’t help but resonate with the way Foy describes love as ‘petrol soaked paper and fireworks’... that kind of passion is what I feel for my music, It was easy to fall right into this song and make it my own.’

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