Rebecca Frazier. "Better Than Staying". New Official Music Video

Shot in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and in Tennessee, Rebecca Frazier’s ‘Better than Staying’ video evokes old-time imagery to convey a story of family restlessness and motherhood. Videographer Alison Goedde captures the spirit of Frazier’s original song with natural lighting , brilliant scenery, and a host of supporting actors, highlighting the joys and sorrows of the song’s 

From the artist:


"The idea for this song came to me as I was strolling my restless toddler son through Shelby Park in East Nashville. I brought the verses and melody to John Frazier, who quickly polished the lyrics and had the beautiful idea to begin with one simple chord and change the chords with more complex re-harmonizations as the song progresses.


I’ve cherished this song, because of the way it carries a simple old-time melody throughout a circle-of-life theme. Now that I’m a mother, I have the perspective to understand the restlessness around me—everyone leaves mother throughout her life. And, of course, mother will leave, too".


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Better Than Staying—AUDIO TRACK

Written by Rebecca & John Frazier


Co-Produced by Brent Truitt and Rebecca Frazier


Guitar & Vocal-Rebecca Frazier

Banjo-Scott Vestal

Mandolin-John Frazier

Fiddle-Shad Cobb

Bass-Barry Bales

Background Vocal-Shelby Means


Recorded at the Cave by Brent Truitt


Mastered by Bill Wolf


Better than Staying—VIDEO CREDITS

Video by: Gravel Road Picture Show Director: Alison Goedde


Actors (in order of appearance)

Mother—Rebecca Frazier

Daughter—Cora Frazier

Sister-in-past—Katie Madole

Brother—Isaac Eicher

Husband—Jesse Wells

Verse 5 mother (hands)—Norma Lowe

Verse 5 daughter (hands)—Cass Hickman