Wally Maggs. 'That Ramblin´ Man'. New Official Music Video.

Canadian Country music entertainer, Wally Maggs, introduces his first music video, "That Ramblin´ Man'.


Melody and Vocals: Wally Maggs


Song Lyrics: Richard Vande Sompel


Audio Tracks: Darren Magierowski



That ramblin' man: Wally Maggs

Eve the waitress: Annie Price Bouchard

Extras: Sheila Magierowski

Carol Norton

Chris Vaughan

Reg Norton

George Vaughan

Richard Vande Sompel



Lorri Green - manager - The Metcalfe Restaurant in Elora, Ontario

The Royal Canadian Legion in Elora

Peter White


VIDEOGRAPHY and EDITING: Braeden Johnson of TrueView Productions