The Brothers Comatose. 'Cedarwood Pines'. New Official Music Video.

"Cedarwood Pines" is the second in a series of new songs The Brothers Comatose will release in 2017 and 2018. "Cedarwood Pines" was produced by John Vanderslice, and recorded at Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco.

The Brothers Comatose are..


Alex Morrison, Ben Morrison, Gio Benedetti, Philip Brezina & Ryan Avellone


Director/Editor - Colin Blackshear


Editor - Gio Benedetti


Cinematography - Colin Blackshear and Josh Livingston


Special thanks to:


Avery Hellman

Anakela Cora

Steven Thorpe

Perry King

Johhny Kemp

Skyler Hinkle


Filmed in California.