The Lark And The Loon: "Songbirds And Fog" (2016). New Album.

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The Lark and the Loon is a husband/wife duo consisting of Rocky Steen-Rolfzen and Jeff Rolfzen. The two songwriters perform their own works alongside a studied repertoire of traditional and timeless songs . Though varied, their sets are often infused with Sea shanties, Irish jigs, blues, rags, and old-time tunes and ballads. The two reside in the Ozark mountains of Northwest Arkansas where they enjoy tending to their tiny hobby farm when not working on their music.


Rocky Steen-Rolfzen was born in eastern Montana, the state bird of which is the Meadowlark. Playing a plethora of instruments and styles she has seen success in the rock circuit as well as some success on the web. Her most notable work is likely her song "Treehouse" which received viral attention on YouTube and remains a favored song by fans the world over. Favored for her powerful and expressive voice she has released two EPs on her own and has worked on other collaborations as well. 

Jeff Rolfzen was born in St. Paul Minnesota, the state bird of which is the Loon. He became enthralled with music after receiving a cheap tiny guitar from a friend at the age of 17. Since then he has taught himself banjo, harmonica, and a rich myriad of songs and their stories. He released a solo EP in 2013 entitled "Caught in the Rain" featuring original songs from his own traditions.

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