Tyler Deveau: "Good Time to Be Us" (2016). New EP.

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After years of working on his music,  Tyler Deveau, from St. George, New Brunswick, Canada, releases his first EP "Good Time to Be Us" . One of the songs, Heavensville, was co-written by Brad Rempel of High Valley. 



Tyler says on Facebook: "It's so easy to put aside/forget the feelings I get from my songs I recorded in Nashville after hearing them so many times... But taking the time to sit down and listen to each song's melody, grooves and lyrics; the feelings and memories of getting the opportunity to record songs in the same studio Willie Nelson and Lee Brice used, they come rushing back. Chills and maybe a slight tear, reminds me that coming from playing in my bedroom, so no one can hear, to playing at Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Canadian Country Music Week, and playing two gigs in Nashville, along with recording songs with professionals, dreams DO come true to small town people. Never get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, that you forget how fortunate and blessed you really are. I can say that after a couple of rough years of being at the bottom of the barrel with personal struggles with depression and anxiety, I can actually say, "I LOVE MY LIFE"!!! ‪

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