Willi Dakota: "Back to My Roots" (2016). New Album.

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He simply goes by the name of, "WILLI", Pronounced "WILL-e", and he currently is the hottest singer songwriter in the world and with his creation of original music now being played on radio and the Internet in 33 countries in Europe plus The USA and Canada.


WILLI's 5 different music videos released on You Tube gathering over 60,000 views in just 14 days after their release.


WILLI is unstoppable . His first single release from his debut album "THE JOURNEY" titled "KNOWIN' UR MINE" on Mega International Records, Produced by Multi Award winning Doc Holiday and Recorded At SONY Studios in Nashville TN. charted on the Spins Tracking System radio reports (STS CHARTS) from the USA and Canada, blasted to #9 in just 3 short weeks after it's release receiving 15,000 plus radio air plays. 




“WILLI” born Willi Lester Ulness was raised in North Dakota and calls it home for now. His love for music and his gift of writing and performing has propelled his explosive career in the music industry.


For WILLI, being introduced to Johnny Green of “Johnny Green and the Greenmen” was the catalyst which allowed him to burst on to the music scene as a rising star. Johnny connected WILLI with his close personal friend, Doc Holiday. 


Doc an iconic multi award winning record producer and his legendary “A” Team are very well known and respected in the world of recording and production with Doc being named Record Producer Of The year in 2014 and 2015. 


Doc immediately took a liking to WILLI and his music and doing what Doc does best polished some rough edges to create hits. 


In a very short span of time WILLI has been to Sony Studios in Nashville with Doc and his “A” Team. The first single went so well that Doc brought him back to start work on 3 album projects. 


With the utmost respect for Doc and his decades of experience in the industry, WILLI is a sponge for all that Doc and his team throw at him. Being surrounded by the Best of the Best has fueled WILLI’S burning desire for success, taking him from the prairies ofNorth Dakota to becoming an international singing and recording artist.


WILLI’S first song “KNOWIN UR MINE” landed in the up and coming spot on the STS chart for new releases just 1 day after its release in the US and Canada and topped it off with landing at #9 on the USA and Canada Radio Main charts (Willi's first top 10 record). Along with his many music videos “KNOWIN UR MINE” there have been 6 additional music videos which “FOR YOU” logged in an amazing 18,000 plus views on YOUTUBE.




Fans of all ages, worldwide, stand witness to the impact of a live WILLI performance. Be it a full blown concert setting with his band "The Black Ribbon Riders", WILLI brings an energy to the event second to none. Seeing and hearing WILLI in a solo unplugged acoustic setting, WILLI brings a creative, relaxing and exciting atmosphere to all that attend, that is often imitated but never duplicated. In Short a performance of WILLI, be it listening to him on the radio, watching his music videos or seeing him live in concert is a moment that will never be forgotten. 

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