Axel O & Co: "Open Road" (2016). New Album.

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Axel Omarsson is a singer/songwriter & guitarist in Iceland. Born in Iceland, Axel moved to the United States at a young age where he grew up in Oklahoma and Texas.


Axel was heavily influenced by Hillbilly Music during his young adult years, and this interest grew as the years went by. 


In the recent years, Axel started to work with fellow hillbilly music enthusiasts and music legends in the Icelandic music scene, This led to the founding of the band Axel O & Co. in 2015. The band members include some of the most talented musicians in the Icelandic music scene, Magnus Kjartansson, Johann Asmundssson, Sigurgeir Sigmundsson and Sigfus Ottarsson. who all share an love for Hillbilly music.

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