Steve Zuwala: "Stars" (2016). New Album.

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Steve started writing music at the age of 15. His first single “Glenda” was picked up by a local artist. You could buy a happy meal with money he received for it, but to Steve, it was cool to have sold a song nonetheless.


Life happened until 2003 when Steve wrote two albums “So Help Me God” and “Heartbreak”. Country Christian and Hillbilly genres respectfully.


Five of the singles from SHMG when to #1 on the international charts and the single by the same name rose to #6 on Music Row in 2006. By 2010, Steve released several singles including “Tough Guys” and “Those in the Sand” that also soared to #1 and won two HMA awards.


Steve credits his abilities to God and often says that he just moves the pencil as God whispers the words. David Gates from the 70’s band “Bread” is a huge inspiration to Steve. “His lyrics are unbelievable! I played everyone of his songs hundreds of times. I like to think that by listening to David, I make my own lyrics better”.


Steve’s music is heard around the world. He has been on several international Country and Christian music charts.



Today, Steve releases his newest album “Stars”. It contains what he calls his “best” music yet. The fast tempos, soft ballads and assortment of  styles, tempos and subjects will cause you to listen to it over and over again!

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