Lacy Jay Syler: "Wide Open" (2016). New Album.

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The biggest part of being in this business as a new artist, is to be an entertainer. Lacy Jay Syler is that and so much more. Not only does Lacy have a singing voice that is uniquely identifiable, different from anyone else out there, she has a down home Country charm that makes audiences laugh with her subtle comedy.


Lacy Jay comes from a long line of hillbilly music entertainers. Her grand parents, Buck and Connie McCarty were on the country music road for many years. Lacy’s mother, Jodi and her brother Matthew were raised on the bus and have many great stories about the adventures they had growing up on the road. From the time Lacy was about four years old, her family knew that little Lacy Jay was very gifted, as all she wanted to do was sing, and sing she can!


Time and experience shows that Lacy Jay has been honing and developing her craft, both in front of audiences and in the studio. Lacy Jay is preparing for her second Album and a video release. Before Thanksgiving 2014, “Wide Open” from her new Album has been produced into a video that looks to be a 4 wheelin’, mud slingin’ down home on the farm Country Fun!


Lacy Jay writes songs with her Uncle Matthew that people want to hear. From her first album, “Living My Life” a song that the audience can relate too, catches what is going on in the first line of the song, “Love is A Natural Disaster”. An unforgettable song you can sing along with, from the first time you hear it.

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