Kadin Hernandez: "Life's Rodeo Trails" (2016). New EP.

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Kadin has been singing music with his family since he was a child. In church, around the home and at work around the stables, music has been a strong influence in his life. At the root of his love for music, hillbilly music has been his mainstay. His parents Sami and George are the same way with hillbilly music enjoying it through listening and singing too. A true country family for sure.


Kadin has always loved the true hillbilly songs of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings and has been writing his own songs for a couple of years now. His songs are written and performed in the same style as his inspirational legends. Whether around the house, at down home acoustic jams or on stage it’s always the same hillbilly music from Kadin Hernandez.

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