Steelwind: "F5" (2016). New Album.

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The original sounds of Steelwind will take you on a timeless ride down lonesome highways and into the mountains while feeling an adventurous wind at your back. Song writers, Blake Parks and Michael Henneberry, started their musical journey jamming at bluegrass festivals in October, 2009. Since then, their original songs can now be enjoyed on their 2010 album, The Sound of a Train. F5 is their next all original album, 


Parks’ and Henneberry’s drive to write songs together began during Oklahoma’s 2009 ‘endless’ winter season when they wrote "Will Winter End?" Staying aboard this creative train, they wrote more songs for their first album including their title track, The Sound of a Train. They have truly enjoyed the collaboration between their families and friends to create this bluegrass legacy and hope you enjoy it as well.


Based out of Oklahoma City, Steelwind consists of Blake Parks on fiddle and vocals, Michael Henneberry on guitar and vocals, Adam Davis on dobro, Jim Blair on banjo, Sam Parks on mandolin, and Kenny Parks on the ol’ upright bass.

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