Caitlin: "Infamous Angel" (2016). New Album.

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When Caitlin Murtagh speaks she chooses her words carefully to be sure she's getting her point across. She's passionate, emotional and totally honest. "I refer to myself as the roller coaster that is me," said Cathlin, pictured. 


"I've always felt things deeply, and I pour that into my music. I'm actually more comfortable dealing with those emotions musically."


I Love You Still, was Caitlin's first country record. Produced by Clive Culbertson, who also joins her on A Couple More Years. The album included the hit singles Roslare Harbor and of course the Title track I Still Love You. 


The Newcastle native has come a long way in a short time achieving numerous Country Music's Top New Female Vocalist awards. She has shared stages with the likes of Joe Dolan, Al Grant, and Brain Coll. 

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