Matthew O'Donnell: "The Longer the Waiting" (2016). New Album.

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Even as a toddler Matthew O'Donnell, the Connemara cowboy, would shake his head in timing with any hillbilly music he would hear on the radio,television etc. From his first foray into the music scene performing with his Father and performing regularly at socials he has now become one of the hottest prospects in Irish hllbilly music.


Having grown up in the Irish language speaking area Furnish in Connemara, County Galway, Ireland, Matthew was bred into loving country music but also sean-nós singing which is a common traditional Irish style of singing particularly in the Gaeltacht areas. Matthew attended sean-nós singing competitions on a regular basis and it came as no surprise when he won every competition he entered. A certain champion.

At the age of 12 Matthew knew his heart was set on hillbilly music and so decided to end his association with sean-nós singing in order to fully focus on hillbilly music. Matthew set up his own YouTube channel called Foirnis15 but it's now called Matthew O'Donnell Music. He is currently 19 and his music is going from strength to strength, his song writing ability at such a young age is simply incredible and admirable. There is no limit to Matthew's potential. Praise follows Matthew and his music wherever he travels.


Matthew regards Garth Brooks as one of his biggest idols and when Matthew translated the Garth Brooks classic Callin' Baton Rouge into Irish and recorded a professional video to go with the song Matthew became a Youtube star and an internet sensation. The video now has over 170,000 YouTube views.The people of Baton Rouge absolutely loved his version of Callin' Baton Rouge with many saying he sang it better than Brooks himself! Matthew was being contacted from all around America inviting him over there to perform for them.


What is most impressive is the fact that as soon as he finished school Matthew signed a record deal which signed him to a record company and his debut album is 'The Longer The Waiting' avalaible on Amazon. 

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