Andrew Chastain Band: "Things Change" (2016). New EP.

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Andrew Chastain grew up in the mountains of Murphy NC, where he began to grow a love for music at an early age.  “I can remember getting goose bumps when I heard Garth Brooks’ “thunder rolls” blasting out of my baby sitter’s older son’s speakers one day, I was about 4 years old then I guess.”  andrew was surrounded by the sounds of gospel bluegass, which his grandpa and uncle played as well as most of his other family members.


He started singing in church at about 9 years old, and soon became involved more into sports as he entered highschool.  For the next 4 years, football was his main focus.  with dreams of playing at the next level, his path was altered when he fractured his back during a practice of his senior year.  he began writing songs shortly after highschool, and started playing in local bars at 23.  “Me and my buddy Ethan (lead guitar) would go and play cover songs and the originals that I had written at the local bars every weekend.  I worked at my dad’s auto parts store through the week and played music on the weekends.  The love for the stage soon became my motivation for booking gigs, not paying my bills.”  Andrew would go on to release his first acousitc EP “Carolina Hills” in 2014.  “I actually recorded that EP in my bedroom (laughs), with the help of a couple of guys I know named Tim Allen and Kagney Colbert.  Kagney offered to mix and master the tracks while Tim helped me jumpstart this website url, those guys were a lot of help when nobody else was offering.”

In 2015 andrew met current bassist and drummer, Dave Poole and Ben Kilmer, while playing at a local resturant in Murphy.  “Dave was there and he made the comment ‘you guys look like your having a lot of fun up there, let’s jam sometime’ and that pretty much sealed it, we had our first jam and just kinda clicked.  We started practicing regularly and writing new songs, ben’s brother zach joined the “band” as lead guitarist a couple of months later and kinda brought a whole new sound.”  when asked what makes you unique, andrew responded “the cool thing about us is we’re all kinda different when it comes to backgrounds in music”.


The Andrew Chastain Band recorded their first EP at Dark Horse Institute in Franklin tn at the end of 2015.  “That’s where we met Steve Lamm (grammy award winning producer and director of education at dark horse inst.), who would eventually be the guy that mixed our recorded tracks, awesome guy.  Being independant artists with full time regular jobs and just trying to pay the bills makes it tough to go and drop the kind of money lables put into a recording, so we had to be smart, and a little lucky.  guest musicians on the 6 song ep included Lauren Conklin (fiddle), Tyler Hall (pedal steel for Craig Campbell) and Billy Justineau (keyboard player for Frankie Ballard).  “That was possibly one of the coolest parts of the whole recording process to me, watching these guys come in take a couple passes at the song and just nail it, we were definitely blessed with they way every thing just kinda fell into place.”


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