Robert Lee: "Wandering Soul" (2016). New Album.

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With the onslaught of independent recording artists that come and go like Calvary soldiers attacking and being slaughtered by Yankee troops, it's hard to know who has any real ability to stick around for a well-deserved victory as a full time, professional recording artist.



Robert Lee however, is the real deal.  Riding high atop his latest recording endeavor Alabama Dirt, the thirty year old North Alabama native spins tales of love, heartache and the illusion of romance like a songwriter well beyond his years. 


With a voice caught somewhere between Stone Temple Pilots' Scott Weiland and hillbilly music bad boy Steve Earle, Lee’s music is rebellious, angst ridden, and full of authenticity.  A quality few artists possess in this day of so-called music created by big corporations.


North Alabama's Robert Lee released his first solo effort under the name of James Grant and enjoyed success with several songs including Old River and Comes and Goes on a few independent podcasts throughout the Southeast.


He later toured the east coast in the summer of 2007 with his blues/rock band, The Dirtybyrds. During this tour, Robert wrote a pile of material that would later find it's way on his album, This Blood Red Summer, which also includes some remixes and rearranged songs from his first record.


Traveling the highways of the American heartland for the last decade has molded Lee into a well seasoned working artist who is looking forward to his 2016 release "Wandering Soul".

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