Pullin' Strings: "Live from the Mysterious Blue Diamond Room" (2016). New Album.

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Pullin' Strings live, play and sometimes work in Greene County, GA. But we might be doin' one thing or another in any one place or another...


We've been playin' bluegrassy tunes together since the summer of '09. Our history starts back in Union Point, GA, about twelve years ago, when Doc showed up at a practice where Doty and Sib were playin' in a rock and roll band. We weren't doin' any bluegrass at that point, just blues and rock n' roll. We started out on "Turn On Your Lovelight," by the Grateful Dead, Doc stepped up to the mike for fun, and the rest is history. 


Even though the three of us have spent time apart, formed and disbanded several groups, we've always come back together at some point to just sit around, pick and grin and sing songs we like. We decided when we got together in '09 that if it wasn't gonna be fun for us, we weren't gonna waste any time with it.

We started in on some old favorites and some new ideas, with two new instruments: banjo and mandolin. Now the three of us sing; Robert plays the guitar; Brian plays the mandolin and the guitar; Sibley plays the five-string banjo. We're always havin' fun. 


Since then, we've played music together with a mostly bluegrass feel. It keeps gettin' better as we keep pluckin' away. We have a repertoire, not limited to, but including Grateful Dead tunes, Uncle Tupelo, John Prine, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Flatt and Scruggs, originals and even some kazoo songs and jug-band tunes. Some of our covers are close to the original; many of them are grassed-up by us to compliment the mandolin and banjo. 

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