Daniel Kemish: "Fools & Money" (2016). New Album.

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Daniel Kemish is a British born artist that claims he was “born on the wrong continent.” With his warm, gruff voice and catchy tunes, Kemish conveys a musical style that truly does not sound as though he hails from England.



As a self-taught guitarist, Daniel began playing the instrument at the age of 14. His early influences resulted from the music that was played at home: Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Bob Seger are some of those memorable artist. Much of Kemish’s material resonates a classic American hillbilly/folk sound that is likely attributed to this predisposition.


Daniel’s early music career began when he was about 20 years old. He started playing at open mic nights and performing cover songs. This became a valuable experience and opportunity for him to hone performing skills and stage presence. Over the course of a couple of years, Daniel was performing at many venues in the UK and across Europe. Struggling to escape his “cover artist” image, he packed up his van and traveled back to his childhood home in Portugal. And, it is here that Daniel embarked on his journey of developing his own musical style and becoming an “original artist.”


In 2013, Daniel spent much of his summer writing and producing songs for his debut EP. Upon a random encounter with Jean-Christian Houde, a French Canadian double bass player, he considered the possibilities of the two forming a duo. Daniel with his kick drum, Guitar, and Harmonicas and Houde with his double bass and Hi-Hat, together began working these instruments into the set. After weeks of rehearsal, work on the first EP “Heading South” commenced. Daniel funded the project and organized a small tour of Europe from November to January. Daniel then took a trip to Nashville, Tennessee.


Shortly after returning to Portugal, he set out to record and release summer single and video “Kicking Back the Sand.” Having recently visited Nashville, Kemish admits he may have been slightly caught up in the current and contemporary “country scene.” He considers the outcome of the single and video to be what he calls a “Bro Country single.” While the experience of producing, directing, and editing the video taught him a great amount of beneficial skills, Daniel says he “still cringes about it a little bit.” However, during this time Daniel was still yet to discover his definitive niche as an artist and was unsure whether Portugal could deliver other Americana musicians. After “Kicking Back the Sand” Daniel got back to performing and writing some new material, some of which will be featured on the album currently in production.


With some big gigs now under his belt, Kemish recorded “Live at the Teatro.” This live EP was recorded in October 2014, at the Cine-Teatro Antonio Pinheiro in Tavira, Portugal. Rebuilt in 1968, the theatre has a rich cultural history and impressive acoustics, which made it a perfect place for the recording. This EP best exemplifies the progression and evolution of Daniel’s writing skills, delivery, and performance proficiencies. The songs exude a raw, gritty flare that previously recorded tracks seem to lack. With quick riffs and clever lyrics, it appears as though Daniel has found clarity in the direction he will take with his unique sound.


Daniel recorded his new album in Nashville, Tennessee. He worked with some highly skilled and experienced musicians, who have toured and recorded with some of the world’s biggest artists. Daniel states, “I really feel that this album will solidify the direction I want to take my music.”



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