Cody Sparks Band: "Sinners and the Saved" (2016). New Album.

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Cody Sparks heads The Cody Sparks Band, whose raw, spirited music stands out even in the teeming Texas country scene. He's a big, amiable guy who looks right at home onstage. Yet his songs often tell stories about heartbreak -- about the lighter side of broken romance (the playful "My Baby's Gone") or the fury kindled by betrayal (laid out over a foot-stompin' beat on "No Time"). He writes with artful metaphor ("Set in the West") and reckless abandon ("Stilly"). And he finds time to share some of the wisdom handed down him by his grandfather in the wistful, fiddle-laced "Sinners and the Saved."



These songs and all the others on the band's debut album, Sinners and the Saved, suggest that Sparks must have started writing years ago, that he's absorbed plenty of one-two punches from both the music business and life in general.

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