Big City Brian Wright: "Honkytonkitis" (2016). New Album.

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Big City Brian Wright dreamed of doing only two things with his life, flying airplanes and singing hillbilly music.  That's what he loves and that's what he does.  Taking the traditional route of creating music for the masses is not what he does.


He has a unwavering dedication for revealing the truth in his lyrics, good or bad.  "I refuse to use an idea or rhyme because it fits or sounds cool.  And what I say sometimes leaves the pros questioning my choices.  But, what I do is real.  Reality is not always perfect."  And often-times he ends up combining his passions in song because of his "write it like you live it" approach.  "This is the life I live, so this is the music I make.  If I didn't have a job or a house and was partying in fields with girls and making out in the river, I guess I'd write those kinds of songs, but I doubt anybody does that" says the native Georgian.

Big City walks a fine line between his career as an airline pilot and his off-duty pursuit of creating music. "The two don't mesh at all.  I think that's just the way I'm wired.  I mean I have this super-structured career where you can make almost no mistakes, which is always top-rated one of the most stressful jobs in America.  And then, I'm this loose, type B, hyper-creative, sometimes funny, sometimes sensitive guy.


Most people oputside of work can't believe I'm a pilot.  And most people at work can't believe I'm a singer/songwriter.  If I was just one way or the other, I think I'd go crazy.  It's a good balance, though extreme, but it works for me."

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