Josh Williams: "Modern Day Man" (2016). New Album.

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The Josh Williams Band has become one of the leading explosive tributes to the tradition of music this season, after a nomination to the final round as IBMA’s Emerging Artist for 2009 set their course. Their smooth vocals hold the fans spellbound. Josh, Randy, Jason & Nick blend hypnotically to take their audiences through all realms of musical sentiment from easy-going ballads to fiery, hard-driving instrumentals. The band’s unique chemistry with each other, their charisma and connection to their fans, along with their inherent musical and lyrical gifts, are producing riveting performances to sold-out audiences. Their instant appeal to every demographic is soaring JWB to new heights. With the electrically-charged magical sounds that make them so popular, Josh is leading the band to become “the people’s choice.”

Band Members:


Josh Williams- Guitar & Vocals

Randy Barnes- Bass & Vocals

Jason McKendree- Banjo & Vocals

Nick Keen- Mandolin

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