Backwoods Bluegrass Band: "As Long As I Can'" (2016). New Album.

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Backwoods Bluegrass Band is based in Southern Indiana where bluegrass has many faithful fans and produced several outstanding musicians. It is rare to find a combination of musicians that have the drive and desire to play as an aggressive schedule as this group. But the results have been very rewarding and the reaction to our music has been very encouraging. We decided it was time to produce an album and was fortunate to have nationally acclaimed multi instrumentalist Ron Stewart agree to engineer our project.


Ron is currently a member of the bluegrass super group the Boxcars. He was also gracious enough to play fiddle and guitar on a few selected tracks. We could not have been more pleased with the results.

It won't take the listener long to recognize that Sarah McCullough, the young lady on the banjo is a unique talent. Her tone, timing and technique is rare.


The lead vocalist is Austin Harper, a young man who is relatively new to the bluegrass scene but he sings the old songs like he was born to sing bluegrass.


The newest member of the band is Aaron Tackett. Aaron's tenor vocal provides the edge that is a must in bluegrass.


Rusty Collier, affectionately known as Rockin Rusty for his ability to spice it up with his Doghouse bass. He anchors the band and keeps us in time.


Joe East, sings the baritone harmony and plays lead guitar. Joe and Rusty both have played in several bands and have been around the bluegrass scene for several years.



Having a recording engineer with the experience, understanding and passion for bluegrass such as Ron Stewart has produced an album that can truly be appreciated by bluegrass / acoustic musicians and fans alike.